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29 janvier 2013Thème MystiqueClassé dans : Thèmes

Rédigé par Frédéric

Après quelques années et l'arrivée de Pluxml 5.1.7, le thème Mystique de Digitalnature passe en Version 3.3.2

Le sélecteur de thème a été corrigé
Les feuilles de style ont étaient placées dans le dossier /css
Fichiers langue pris en charge.
Plus modifications de chaque template pour qu'il soit 100% compatible avec Pluxml 5.1.7 ou plus


Version 1.8 15.07.2013 (merci Franck) - Validité pour la version de pluxml 5.2 en Dev (fonctionne pour la 5.1.7 aussi) - Fixe sur le formulaire des commentaires qui étais validé sans même devoir renseigné le champ
(value pré remplis par le label lang du thème)


9, 5,2012, 3.3.2 - added back auto-generated excerpts to featured content media source - disabled editing of ads in the Ad module (use the plugin) 5, 5,2012, 3.3.1 - fixed an issue from 3.3 in the Ads module - widget / tabs: fixed a bug in the show-more control - widget / archives, calendar: fixed a problem with CPT queries that affected other plugins - improved background color/image controls inside the live design preview 30,4,2012, 3.3 - added featured posts source to "Photo Gallery", and renamed the gallery to "Featured Content" - disabled meta section on all post types that have comments disabled, except "posts" - added template files for image and generic attachments - improved form field dependency API - disabled the_content filter from post content requests outside the main loop to accommodate buggy plugins - applied arrows to first level of the main menu as well - only translation headers are now parsed on the welcome settings page to avoid insufficient memory issues - disabled ajax navigation for the theme settings panel - changed color picker, you can now deselect the background color :) - fixed an issue with relative time on MU 28,3,2012, - widget / posts: fixed widget title not showing - removed some PHP < 5 compat code which caused server errors on some 5.4 setups - added Chinese and Japanese translations, tx to Laycher and yast 23,2,2012, - disabled the EXTEND feature (too many people getting server errors because of host restrictions); if you want it, just create the child theme yourself... - fixed an issue with multipart posts 4,2,2012, - widget / terms: fixed a code typo from 3.2.9 4,2,2012, 3.2.9 - mod / ad blocks: fixed shortcode not working - fixed a js error in toggleVisibility() - added translations for page templates - widget / posts: added y-thumbnail size option - the_content is now only called once to prevent compatibility issues with bad plugins 24,1,2012, 3.2.8 - removed all negative text-indent properties - fixed a problem with the single pagination - widget / login: fixed login issues with password that contain quotes - fixed problem with some youtube movies not showing up (from 3.2.7) 23,1,2012, 3.2.7 - removed old Chrome text-shadow/AA css fixes - widget / posts: fixed wrong alpha order - z-index fix for youtube iframe/movies - added mousewheel support for the lightbox - removed livequery from the front-end (replaced by the ajaxComplete event hook) - fixed a problem with comment controls, introduced in 3.2.6 11,1,2012, 3.2.6 - modules can now be called trough atom()->moduleName - improved custom post type handling in getBreadcrumbs() - added cache-flush trigger after theme options are changed - mod / translate: fixed a problem with html character encoding - mod / photo gallery: can now accept external image sources (trough photogallery->addSource) - fixed a bug related to featured content added in 3.2.5 - widget / posts: added "show all" title links for custom post types that have archive pages 2,1,2012, 3.2.5 - fixed a js bug in theme settings from 3.2.4 that affected other admin pages 2,1,2012, 3.2.4 - page and category fallback menus now support arrows without the need of javascript - fixed an issue related to disqus plugin - added blog archive page template - added user listing page template - reversed icons in the social-media template - widget / terms: replaced internal 'description_word_limit' option with the 'character_limit' option (defaults to 140) - translation updates - javascript improvements to widget controls added by Atom - added getBreadcrumb method (use atom()->breadcrumbs if you want it in your templates) - improved pagination (also changed getPageNavi with getPagination) - some design changes, colors of links depend on the selected color scheme 20,12,2011, 3.2.3 - widget / posts: fixed issue where the character limit option would be ignored - fixed duplicate output issue on plural translations - deprecated some methods, including getSocialMediaLinks(), typically used in templates - fixed comment submissions not working for registered site users 20,12,2011, 3.2.2 - fixed a bug in the media icons template - fixed a CSS issue with active menus - changed .pot catalog to include t() keywords - fixed bbpress errors not showing - added character limit option for post teasers (replaces numeric mode values) - added password recovery template and updated user registration template to support blog registrations on MU 19,12,2011, 3.2.1 - fixed problems with 3rd party comment plugins, really :) - fixed issue where 2nd sidebar was not properly styled - blogs without mb_string active will now use PHP's default string functions 19,12,2011, 3.2 - updated the core to Atom 2.0 (theme options can now be almost fully configured trough dedicated API) - moved template files into a sub-directory (child themes can still have them in both root/templates locations) - fixed an issue where stylesheet caching would fail on servers without any fopen wrappers enabled - widget / top commenters: added exclude option - widget / users: added {ONLINE_STATUS} keyword - widget / text: disabled visual editor until I manage to integrate the new wp 3.3 editor - fixed some incompatibility issues with 3rd party comment plugins - fixed ~1M memory leak in the theme settings (translation files were loaded inside all tabs, not just "Translate") - changed sign-up / tag cloud internal templates with normal page templates; related widget links will show only if there are pages that are using these templates - improved content filtering speed (~300%), added Unicode support and "cutoff" argument (word/sentence/exact/custom) - changed "word count" options across widgets with the "character count" option - removed comment search form (useless for most blogs, and too slow on blogs with 5K+ comments/post) - updated codemirror - moved new theme file uploads (logo/header) to child theme directory, when available - tabs no longer require javascript to work, but jQuery is used when available - removed jQuery.FadeLinks() (replaced by CSS3 transitions, most browsers support them) - fixed compatibility issue with wp-ecommerce, and probably other plugins that use unorthodox template loading methods 25, 8,2011, 3.1 - added bbPress support (basic) - added "Tags" internal page - disabled script concatenation, you can enable it by defining the ATOM_CONCATENATE_JS as true from your child theme - widget / login: changed the register link to point to the "Sign-up" internal page - new module: Translate - removed en_US.po, and added a pot template - improved language listing in the settings - widget / twitter: corrected tweet date format - fixed problem with sub-categories - added Russian Translation, tx Philip - mod / photo gallery: image links will now open inside the lightbox if the option is enabled - mod / photo gallery: added location argument (theme action in which to show the gallery, default is 'before_main') 20, 8,2011, 3.0.9 - fixed localization issues with strings defined before the after_setup_theme hook - translations can now be also dropped in the child theme "lang" folder (they will have higher priority) - mod / featured gallery: completed (and renamed to "Photo gallery") 19, 8,2011, - moved cached js in <head> so it doesn't break arbitrary javascript added by plugins 19, 8,2011, 3.0.8 - added Bengali translation, tx Shaikat77 - removed head.js, and made so scripts are compressed and concatenated with Google's Closure Compiler service - widget / twitter: changed cache option from select to input - some SE optimizations (made the 'index' rel attribute point to relevant pages on archives, single CPTs, custom blog page) - fixed issue from 3.0.7 with clearFieldCheck (unfilled input fields not clearing on submit) - fixed a CSS issue with splitters - fixed small issue in theme settings / content options (media thumbnail size wasn't being displayed) - added template argument to post->getTerms() - fixed localization issue with role names and module variables set inside their init() method - mod / social media icons: removed support for the WP SmushIt plugin 14, 8,2011, 3.0.7 - mod / social media icons: added persistent cache for label/uri fields - fixed ugly bug introduced in 3.0.6 in get/add/setContextArgs() - replaced non-standard rel attributes with html5 data attributes 14, 8,2011, 3.0.6 - reduced design image sizes by 3-4% and removed some images that weren't used - fixed another bug in the [query] shortcode (template argument wasn't working correctly) - updated French translation, tx Pierre - added new module: Social-Media Icons (will replace old media links); @todo: add default labels/URLs - fixed a graphic glitch in the search template 12, 8,2011, 3.0.5 - added French, Italian & Spanish translations, tx to Jonathan, Marco & Antonio - added an internal page sample: user sign-up - fixed pings not showing - fixed a bug in the [query] shortcode - tabs can be now activated by the location hash - moved wp_footer() inside the #footer element because some plugins add HTML in it, and it wasn't getting styled... - made so "Home"-named custom menu items are styled with the home icon, like default menus - widget / recent comments: fixed a bug with the comment date - widget / posts: fixed wrong order-by-views - widget / tabs: added "cat-ID" class for the Posts widget (category ID) - mod / featured gallery: removed the "Tile Wave" gallery effect, not cool enough - decreased spacing between menu entries - temporarily disabled search query highlighting until I find a way to accurately handle any HTML 8, 8,2011, 3.0.4 - added German and Dutch translations, tx to DotTobi, Blackstarwolf and Raymon - added grey & red color schemes - added error handler for the Design settings; if your site has errors you'll be notified on that page :) - updates to the image uploader (GIFs are now allowed, but you should really avoid this format) - fixed a notice in the [widget] shortcode - fixed a bug in the [subs] shortcode - removed 404 styles, it's now a normal page - tabs are now sorted correctly in the front-end 7, 8,2011, 3.0.3 - fixed a couple of small issues reported by theme users - child theme style.css is now included after the parent styles 5, 8,2011, 3.0.2 - fixed nasty bug in functions.php that caused full option reset on any version change (should have been just < 3.0) 20, 5,2011, 3.0 - code rewrite, using Atom's codebase (beware - 2.x theme settings are reset) ... 3, 10.2009: First release (1.0)

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2 commentaires

  1. image
    Pascal • dimanche 14 juillet 2013 @ 13:24 #1

    Par quel moyen peut -on ajouter l'icone Facebook a coté du flux rss et witter ?

  2. image
    Frédéric • lundi 15 juillet 2013 @ 20:55 #2

    Bonjour Pascal,

    Tu peux remplacer l'icon Rss par celle de Facebook.
    Puis dans le fichier header.php remplace le lien:

    <a href="<?php $plxShow->urlRewrite('feed.php?rss') ?>" class="nav-extra rss" title="RSS Feeds"><span>Flux RSS</span></a>

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